Date Person Content
Februar 2024 Pictures and data from STENZEL Friedrich and his descendants added. Data received fromSTENZEL Uwe.
Februar 2022 Data from SCHARNBERG Friedrich Rudolf JOHANNES corrected and his descendants added. Data/corrections received from MARIE Helena Harder.
October 2021 Trittau around 1950 inserted . Data from the illustrated book "Trittau Ende der 1950er Jahre" by Wolfgang Hoffmann.
June 2021 Addition of the page The Wheel maker with original invoices and with translations in today's reading and pictures of the former means of payment. Data received from Elke Langner.
January 2021 Heidi Gerstenkorn was awarded the Federal Republic of Germany's Medal of Merit. Certificate received from her daughters.
June 2020 Information about the coat of arms of the Scharnbergs from Hamburg added. Received from my brother Richard.
April 2020 Data and images from Marianne Bohlen inserted. From Marianne's estate.
November 2019 Pictures of the new building Edeka Süllau inserted on the site of the old Meierei Trittau. Own pictures.
September 2019 Line of Mathilde Clara Scharnberg inserted. Data received from Mara Rúbia Bergel.
June 2019 The whole homepage is multilingual. German, English and Portuguese
January 2018 Added images from Adolf Griem and from Olga and Herta Griem. Got from my brother Richard.
November 2017 120 years Dairy Trittau inserted. Anniversary Edition 100 years received from Heinrich Gosch and from newspaper articles.
October 2017 Date of death of Joachim Griem inserted. Newspaper ad in the Hahnheider.
May 2015 Images and birth dates of Paul Scharnberg (* Ecuador) inserted. Obtained from Paul via Facebook.
November 2014 Corrections to the ancestors from Escheburg. Obtained from Elke Langner.
April 2014 Enhanced by the career of the Scharpenbergs in Emsland. The impetus was given by dr. Joachim Scharpenberg from Stockelsdorf on the occasion of a meeting of IG Castle Linau.
March 2014 Presumably Eekenhorst discovered, formerly owned by the Scharpenbergs. Johannes Weissleder, Linau, found this out during his research on Linauer field names.
May 2013 Data of Family João SCHARNBERG changed. Data obtained from Márcio BRANDÃO on the occasion of their visit to Trittau.
August 2012 Descendants of PAUL Friedrich Rudolf SCHARNBERG inserted. Text and images obtained from GRETEL Julia SCHARNBERG.
July 2012 Extended line of AUGUSTO Henrique SCHARNBERG. Data obtained from von Renato SCHARNBERG.
September 2011 Extended line of SCHARNBERG Jochim Hinrich Nicolaus. Data obtained from Christian Müller-Henze.
June 2011 Information about the Linau Castle added
and about Cultural Monument Castle Linau.
Participated in the founding of the interest group itself.
January 2011 Line of Jackstaedts added: AUGUST Robert Jackstaedt and offspring. Data obtained from PAUL Hermann Heinze.
December 2010 Extended line of my paternal great-grandmother's line: KOOPS CATHARINA Margaretha Dorothea and ancestors. Data from the church book Trittau (archive Volksdorf).
November 2010 Dorothe Johanna INGE SCHARNBERG inserted. Data from the church book Trittau (archive Volksdorf).
October 2010 Bull Cooperative Trittau inserted. Data obtained from Eckart Harders and Richard Scharnberg.
April 2010 Sketch and model of Linau Castle inserted. Data obtained from Jürgen Griese, Linau.
March 2010 Origin of Jorge José KRUG clarified. Data obtained from Norberto Krug.
October 2009 Pictures and data of the Kassebaums added. Family reunion on 24.10.2009 in Lauenburg.
Organized by Lilo Lofink.
September 2009 Family Dr. Ulf Kassebaum inserted.  
May 2009 Familie Ulrich added. Data obtained from Hans-Joachim Ulrich and his siblings.
February - April 2009 Hans Christoph Peters registered with his . Data obtained from Paul Petersen.
January 2009 Data of HERMANN Johannes KOHNKE added. Data obtained from Peter-Henry Kohnke.
September 2008 Ancestors of Marta ELISABETH Dorothea PETERS added. Data obtained from Michael C. Püst.
July 2008 Descendants of Anna Dorothea ELISABETH Schneider inserted. Data obtained from Christina Jackstaedt.
Mai / June 2008 Descendants of Anna Maria Scharnberg and Frieda JULIE Lantz inserted. Data obtained from Ingrid Buth, Rolf Pünjer and Hannelore Lantz.
March 2008 The data of my maternal ancestor added. Data researched in the district archives Ratzeburg and Kirchenbuchamt Ratzeburg.
February 2008 Descendants of Scharnberg Hans Heinrich RUDOLPH recorded. Data obtained from Irmgard Kremser.
August 2007 Data of Scharnberg / Krug / Schlottfeldt Line (Brasil) added. Data obtained from Gustavo A.B. Schlottfeldt, USA
June 2007 Switched to YAML
In own thing inserted.
Compliant with the standard of the World Wide Web Consortium.
April 2007 New Links inserted. Village museum Hoisdorf and Stormerland
March 2007 Hans JOCHIM Friedrich Petersen and Hinrich Stamer Descendants of Stamer and Petersen added, Data obtained from Paul Petersen
January 2007 Jacobsen Anne Marie HERTA Ancestors and relatives added
October 2006 João Henrique Beck Ancestors and relatives added
September 2006 Christa Scharnberg, born Zingelmann Added pictures of the ancestors
March 2006 Clas Singelmann
JÖRN Klaus-Dieter Scharnberg
Ancestors and descendants added, Data obtained from Olaf Zimmer-Moll, Data corrected and added
February 2006 Paris and New York Story from Hasso Bensien
January 2006 Claus Mahns Descendants added
December 2005 Claus Scharnberg
Wilhelm Heitmann
New Scharnberg Line inserted, Data of Heitmann added
Marriage data corrected in many Scharnberg familes (1692 - 1920)
surnames "standardized", look at Tips for navigation
November 2005 Johann EHRENFRIED WALTER Descendants' data added, obtained from Norbert Walther.
October 2005 ADOLPH Rudolph Friedrich Scharnberg Data of Brasil Line added
October 2005   Conversion of the entire homepage to CSS layout
August 2005 Ernst Zingelmann Ancestors inserted
June 2005 Scharpenberg Graphic pedigree of the Scharpenbergs
May 2005   Other coat of arms on the homepage
April 2005 TRAUTE Margarethe Koops
The coat of arms of the Scharpenbergs
Ancestors added
Text added
March 2005 ADOLPH Rudolph Friedrich Scharnberg Descendants added, Data obtained from João Scharnberg Filho, Patrick and Eduardo Scharnberg Brandão
February 2005 SELMA Dorothea Koops Data added concerning Koops
January 2005 Das Fehdewesen Description of the feud and The village of Trittau extended.
November 2004 HELGA Emma Antonie Kock
ERNST Karl Stoffers
Elfriede Rath
Data and images of families Kock and Rönner completed
The district of Stormarn and The village of Trittau added
Family Stoffers data and images completed
October 2004 Friedrich Stenzel Data of descendants completed, obtained from Joachim Stenzel
September 2004 Jacob Krug Data of descendants completed, obtained from Vera Regina Báierle
August 2004 Mein Großvater, M. Martens, R. Jakobsen, Jacob Krug
The agrarian reform in Trittau incl. plat
Images added, descendants added, Data obtained from Daniel Schlottfeld
From the commemorative "750 years Trittau", author: Peter Nottke
July 2004 Parish Trittau 1708
CARL Peter Adolph Scharnberg
Data Ancestors (to grandparents) added, obtained from Anne Petersen, Direct descendants added, obtained from JOACHIM Scharnberg.
July 2004 Agricultural
Families Möller and Griem
Images, text and data added
June 2004 Easements of 1780The agrarian reform of 1770
Die Agrarreform vor 225 Jahren"
Descriptions added
June 2004 FRANZ Hans Heinrich Hübenbecker Ancestors added
May 2004 FRAUKE Stoffers, Jenny Dümon Ancestors added, data corrected
May 2004 Heinrich Dieckvoß, Marx Scharnberg
Johann Scharnberg, Hans Hinrich Oldenburg, GOTTFRIED Mellmann
Images and descriptions added
April 2004 Agricultural The peasant life of 1700 - 1940
March 2004 Tips for navigation Dividing the pedigree into several files.
March 2004 Johann Gerhard Möller The Todendorfer line (Möller and Griem) with descendants, from which my grandmother Bertha Griem comes from.
February 2004 ULRICH Bernhard Michael Cölle Correction of data
December 2003 KARL Heinrich Friedrich Scharnberg Additions to the Hamburg line, mainly Bensien and Schubert
November 2003 JOHANN Hinrich SCHARNBERG Additions Scharnberg at the dam, data from Lisa Grunwald