The interest for my ancestors has always existed, only - in the past I actually collected only uncoordinated, which fell into my hands right now. In the past, that was during my active working hours. Now, as a retiree, I can more intensively deal with this hobby. Above all, I came into contact with other genealogists via the Internet and got a feeling for how to do it right. But, frankly, there is still no question of serious research. I'm just collecting something more coordinated and looking for sources that are as reliable as possible.

Fortunately, my second hobby, IT technology, was also the content of my professional life. What I mean by that is that my job has always been fun. Why should I stop at retirement age? So I have the new one Challenges, the Internet, and taught me self-taught web design and the development of web sites. Since my demands on the result of my work were usually higher than the usual development tools for homepages such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, I was forced to move to the lowest level, HTML encoding. I only use FrontPage for routine work, e.g. to change text on all pages at the same time. And of course I wanted also - with a certain time delay - to follow the trends of modern web developments. Therefore this homepage was changed in October 2005 to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and in June 2007 to YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout). YAML is an (X)HTML / CSS framework for creating modern and flexible layouts based on float environments. As a result of this change, the pages were simultaneously adapted to the standards of the W3C Consortium (standard for the World Wide Web).

If you click XHTML or CSS in the sidebar of a page, a validator will be invoked to check this page for compliance.

I have brought together both interests, genealogy and web design, and this is how this homepage came about. My interest in genealogy is not limited to determining who my ancestors were. I would also like to know what environment they lived in, what problems they had to face a hundred or more years ago, and what they experienced in their lives. Since I come from an old farming family, my interest is of course primarily focused on agriculture. For larger contributions concerning our own family, see the heading "Home" or "Old times" if it concerns our area or agriculture in general. Smaller posts are scattered throughout the family trees in the pedigrees, recognizable by the green font color.

In addition, not only do my direct ancestors interest me, but I also try to find the way back from my ancestors to the present through their siblings and their descendants. I must admit that sometimes it is difficult to find the right demarcation so as not to include all the people on this planet in my family tree. So I follow, for example sometimes with married people persons whose ancestors back several generations, although they are not related to me by blood. And sometimes I also follow the line from their siblings, who are not blood relatives, to the present day. The upright genealogist may forgive me for these detours, although it is interesting to see with which families in our place and in the surrounding area we have already established relational relationships over the centuries.

Many contributions have come from distant relatives who have discovered one of their ancestors in this tree. Thank you for your support and especially for the pictures you have sent me often enough to illustrate. In general, I would like to stress that every contribution that contributes to completing or embellishing this homepage is welcome.

Now I hope you enjoy browsing through old times.

Your Bruno Scharnberg