A family tree - like this one - is almost always sketchy. This is not surprising when one thinks of ancestors who were more than e.g. Lived 100 years ago. The direct line is usually relatively easy to trace back, but it is difficult if you also want to capture side branches. Which siblings did our ancestors have and how did they develop until today?

But even with the closer relatives, the author is often not aware of all the data he would have liked to include for the sake of completeness.

The following data is interesting for each person:

(Maiden name,) Surname, all first names including NICKNAME
Denomination, profession
Date and place of birth and Date and place of death
Date and place of the marriage
Names of Spouses , Names of Children

So, if you happen to be foraging in this tree and meet a person you know that you have more information about than you have listed here, then I kindly ask you to submit this information. Of course, this also applies if you find that some of my data is obviously wrong. I would like to have this family tree as complete and correct as possible.

If you are also interested in the Scharnbergs - possibly for a different branch than listed here - and feel that there may be a link between yours and my Scharnbergs, then I would also like to hear from you.

My sincere thanks go to all who helped me with my research.


One last request: Since May 2019 I'm working on making the family tree multilingual (German, English and Portuguese). For this I use the Google translator. Unfortunately, he does not translate as accurately as someone who has learned the language as a native language. Some words with a historical reference such as Halbhufner, Bödner or Altenteiler he does not know at all and lets them pass through as German words. So if you notice unfamiliar phrases, I also ask for your message so that I can write the text correctly.