My great-grandfather Johann Scharnberg, who died on 8.3.1927, left handwritten notes about his life, which are to be preserved for posterity. They are not only a valuable document for us direct descendants as part of our family history, but also of general interest, because they give posterity an impressive picture of the living conditions in distant times. The mother-in-law of my brother made a copy of the text originally written in Old German script, because the generation after us already has difficulties to read the original. Hans-Hubert Born, who went to school in Trittau with my brother from 1938 to 1942, took over this copy in the form of a printable original. In doing so, the sentences and phrases were taken over unchanged, only punctuation and spelling were adapted to current conditions.

History of life and suffering of the pensioner
Johann Scharnberg
and his wife Johanna Scharnberg born Schneider

My Great-grandfather

I, the pensioner Johann Joachim Friedrich Scharnberg , eldest son of the late Halbhufner Johann Hinrich Scharnberg (born February 25, 1816) and the deceased Anna Margareta Scharnberg born Rosenau (born October 28, 1818) was born on October 15, 1841 here in Trittau. I attended the local school from the age of six to my fifteenth year, during which I enjoyed a very strict but good education in the house. I was to be confirmed at Easter, but after attending confirmation classes until February 26, 1857, on the last day, I fell heavily on the porch and suffered a long leg fracture, which took a long time to heal, nearly two years. For this reason, my confirmation could not do anything for the time being. From the 26th of February to the 22nd of May, 1857, I was here in the house treating Doctor Schorer. But when he became ill in May 1857 and later died, my parents brought me to the general hospital on Lohmühlenstrasse in Hamburg. Once there, the next day, because the foot was not treated properly, it was broken anew and cut at the same time, and then the healing started again, and I succeeded in part, so that in the summer I could spend two hours Crutches could go. But it did not succeed to heal the foot thoroughly, because in the course of the time had set bone loss. Therefore, senior physician Knorre decided in early November for an operation, which was then also made on 6 November. After this operation the foot improved again considerably, but it still did not succeed in completely healing it, and therefore a second operation was carried out on the 27th of December, after which, however, the healing proceeded slowly but steadily, so that after some time I was able to walk with crutches again. During the time I could walk with crutches and later with two sticks, I went to the hospital to the pastor there for confirmation classes. After completing the lessons to the satisfaction of the pastor, I was confirmed on April 11, 1858 in the church of the General Hospital alone, with the participation of several senators and a large number of employees and patients. At this confirmation ceremony, the gentlemen senators presented me with a wonderful Bible, hymnal and a little book to commemorate the day. As the foot had recently improved a lot, so that I hardly needed any medical help, I was released from the hospital on April 14, but was only able to move with two sticks. But there was no danger and my parents were free of the spa costs, which were not low, namely, every 28 days 42 marks. After spending the summer here with 2 sticks, later with 1 stick, it improved so much that in the autumn I already went without a stick and I was able to work light work until finally I could do everything again in the next year , Although it has sometimes been difficult, you are pleased when you are ready after such a long period of pain.

Two years later, on April 14, 1861, my dear mother, after prolonged illness, was wrested from me and my six brothers by death, and thus there was no good time for us children who were in the house. For father had to take a housekeeper and what it means, a stranger with so many children, the one who has not tried, can hardly imagine. In addition, our father also lost his footing, for in his lifetime he had a taste for the bottle, but it was not bad at the time. Mother had a great influence on him and that's why it was so tolerable. But when mother was dead, the passion increased more and more, so that it was hardly bearable at times. My two older brothers Fritz and Heinrich were already confirmed and entered service in Hamburg, so these two have less experience. But my third brother Hermann and I had to go through everything thoroughly. The three youngest were still young and farther back, so they could not really imagine what was going on with us. In addition, Father hardly cared about the economy. He has been in the field only once in the three years he was alone after the death of Mother. It was a great fortune for me that he had confidence in me, that I got everything in the field according to his wishes. Occasionally added an unskilled and wanted to blackmail me, he was almost always on my side and the same had to deduct, as he had come. Regularly in the evening, when I wanted to rest after work and work, I had to come to him several times and listen to all sorts of things. I was so tired sometimes that I could hardly stand upright. So it was no wonder that as soon as I could, I broke off the conversation, which had little value, and went to bed. It took sometimes but not long and I had to come back to him. Eventually, when it got too bad, I went up to the Hill and slept in the hay. In bed I was not sure, because if I did not come to him, he came and wanted to get me. So it was 3 years, until he was redeemed on 2 March 1864 by a sudden death (stroke).

After his death, I was the next eligible heir and his successor on the Halbhufnerstelle. I then entered this inheritance on April 19, 1864, not an easy task, after all, I was still young, only 22 ½ years old. On top of that, there was no will, as a result of which the passage of strangers to me was done, which is quite different from what a father does. It was also my duty to keep my three youngest brothers with me until their confirmation, to educate them according to their standards, and to preserve them with all that is necessary for their physical needs, a task that could only be solved with the help of a capable partner. So I had to decide to look for one as soon as possible. I soon found the same in my daughter, who was the same age as the chief of the district and half-breeder Fr. Schneider, Johanna Maria Schneider, b. on the 9th of November, 1841. After all preparations had been made, we celebrated our wedding on the 1st of July, 1864, and then together we went to the difficult task that we had undertaken. It was sometimes not easy for us to fulfill all our obligations, because first of all the amount of money for that time was very high. Since we had no cash, we had to pay interest on the whole amount and the year is easy, then the interest should be there, and secondly, the entertainment of my brothers and later added to our own children. We also had a lot of misfortune with the cattle, although we made every effort possible, we have 12-14 cows and some horses and pigs in our years of action in the pit throw. In addition, some years of adulthood and also we have a large family feeds. We have a total of 12 children and 2 foster children, they should all be equipped with the necessary and then, in the later years, we have had soldiers for 7 years, which also cost all sorts. Enough, we had taken over a lot, but we got everything done with great diligence and God's help and even all sorts of improvements such as marly, drainage, etc. can do. It was not always easy for us to do justice to everything. However, we have always striven to achieve our goal. If it was sometimes difficult to reach the goal, we consoled ourselves that our dear God had given us both a very good health and a never-failing labor force, and so we went to work together until we had finally overcome all difficulties ,

Truly, whoever has such a partner can congratulate himself. She was also a good mother to the brothers. This was recognized by all three as long as they lived. As a whole, 11 children sprang from our marriage, 7 living and 4 dead. The dead, however, all died at a tender age, none of whom became 1 year old. The names of the living are:

Having lived and worked together for 31 years, on April 1, 1895, we decided to retire and retire to spend the last few years of our lives in peace, after the many efforts and efforts we had had, and to hand over the Halbhufnerstelle to our son Fritz. The same then took over the job and married Berta Griem from Todendorf, but died after 5 years. A tough one loss for us, because we had won her very dearly and with her death fate sought us anew, because since the economy in the house was so dear to our hearts and Fritz could not help alone either, mother went back up for a while and took over her former post again. The effort and hardships were probably too much for her, because when she had done it for a while, her right foot became so thick and went in half. She almost always had a lot of pain, so that she had almost no rest day or night and the pain was unbearable. The doctor, whom we took several times to help, could probably provide some relief. But he could not cure it all the time, so it went on for 8 years, from 1900 to 1908, a terrible and long time. What we have endured for these 8 years can not be described. Mother complained almost day and night and to listen to that belongs to a special nature that I did not have. But it did not help anything, I had to endure everything and see where I could make her life bearable.

In the meantime, we had learned that in Lübeck a woman would be Deutzen, who constantly cure such things but Mother did not let herself be persuaded that we needed her help, because people had told her that her foot did not have to heal, then she would die, and that was why it was hardly allowed to talk about it. But when, in 1908, the foot got worse, so that we were forced, because we alone could not cope, to take our Dora out of the service, we both talked to her one morning, until she finally said after initial bickering : "Well, do what you want!". Immediately I got up and went with the next train to Lübeck. Once there, the woman was easily found. After I had taught her the exact details and we had discussed everything, she immediately gave me her remedy and I was able to go home with happy hope. Once there, we could start to heal the foot. As the remedy was a bit spicy, as the wife had told me, there were still some very painful days to overcome, 4 to 6 days. When they were over, the pain was almost lost and you could see the foot getting better every day. In a period of 4 months, the almost hand-sized holes were healing and mother could breathe a little more freely. What she has endured for these 8 years can not be described. Once the doctor prescribed that she should lie down to bed quietly, then it would heal easily. She has enforced this for 9 weeks, without seeing success and she could not stand to lie down anymore.

During this long period of pain, however, the body suffered so badly that it was difficult to move. Also in recent years, a heart defect had set, which she finally succumbed on April 29, 1912 as a result of a stroke after only 4 days of illness. So ended a restless, active life full of effort and work. God give her eternal rest in the grave.

After her death, I stood there at a loss, for although I had to live, I did not know how to do it best. Alone, it was not and to a housekeeper, I could not make up my mind, because I knew how it had been with father. That's how I lived the summer of 1912, only at night was Heinrich with me. During the day when Heinrich was at work, I was always alone. At lunch, we both went to Hermann and Dora, the whole summer. When it came to fall, I felt that it could not go any further, especially as the autumn weather began to falter. That's why I had to think of something else.

Since I was advised by many sides, I would have to ask Heinrich, he would have to marry and then we would, since the apartment is big enough to live in community, so I decided finally to what he then agreed. In November 1912, his wedding was celebrated. Since the time we live together. His wife leads us the household and I'm so tolerable, but lonely and abandoned. If you do not make a little distraction, it's hard to get over everything. Especially in cold and bad weather, where you can not get out, you sit and ponder and sometimes do not know what to do. In good weather, I like to go around, then you have distraction. The Lord has imposed a hard test on me, but I do not want to be angry with him, he has imposed it on me and he will help me well.

Today, April 19, 1914, 50 years ago, my father's job was teased. The examiners were Hufner F. Lübbers from Grande, J. Möller from Großensee and the chairman of the farm was Manshardt from Trittau. When one thinks back today, one's heart becomes heavy, at that time a lively, strong man and today a lonely, old man and what is not all come to one. In the middle of war turmoil the job was taken over. It was the first day after the storming of the Düppel ski jumps. If you did not have to deal directly with the war, but not missing the troop passes and the like. And then the many strokes of fate, joy and sorrow that we had.

It was not an easy task that I took on. There were many people who feared that I would not be able to cope with them, but with the help of a good partner and in trusting our dear God, we have brought everything to an end, the fatal blows were also many. I think I can say calmly, there is almost no family in the place that has affected it as much as we do. But we comfort ourselves with the words: Whom the Lord loves, he chastises. and then follow our work with fresh courage. The fatal blows were also much and hard, but we also had some joy. The children all healthy and strong, grew up and have all become decent ordinary people. Our diligence rewarded us, the dear God, by making us usually a blessed harvest, so that we were one of the best in the place. Also, in the years when I was owner of the job, I got some honor. There have been almost no honorary posts over the years where I have not participated, certainly a sign that I had a good and conscientious reputation to enjoy in a large proportion of all village diners.

Today, on the 29th of April, shortly after noon, two years have passed, when my dear wife and our good mother's mother were suddenly and almost unexpectedly snatched away by death, a real blow for us. If you have not tried this, you can not imagine what is going on in one. It was the worst day of my life so far, though I had already gone through all sorts of suffering and pain. When a couple of people, like us, lived and created the long years together, at our age of 48 years, and shared joy and sorrow, and one goes away, it is not an easy task to get over it. I would have liked to go with you right away, but the good Lord has better understood it and done it to the Lord. The Lord has fulfilled one wish for me, because I have often said that if one of us went home, I would like to say that Mother was the first, but I did not think that it should come now. Although her body has suffered greatly in recent years, she has always been healthy and likes to eat and drink. Because she could not move and as a result could not help alone, she would almost always have to rely only on bed and chair. And then always the sad thoughts, that would have become a difficult task for them, although sometimes it is difficult for me to overcome everything, but I'm better off coping with it. For as long as I can, I always do some distraction, and if it gets too bad, I can, if the weather permits, that is, if it is not too cold and bad, go around a bit, but that was completely impossible for Mother.

But should the above cease and I may only be confined to bed and my hour has come, then I would like to ask our dear God: Lord, make it short, let the suffering be enough and let me united with my dear wife into your eternal blessedness, as it says in the following beautiful saying:

Faithful Hearts that are shared here
always shared joy and sorrow,
is most fortunate to be
united in bliss.

On July 1, 1864, today, fifty years ago, on a stormy, rainy and stormy day, my and my wife, who unfortunately died much too early two years ago, was celebrated in the close circle of my family. Had my dear wife survived the day, the day of the golden wedding, what joy would it have been. Both our children and the closest relatives have been looking forward to it for years, but God has wanted it differently, and what he does is well done. A big pain for me is that I am so lonely and abandoned now. Although I am with my children, I feel lonely and abandoned, for they are young and have different views like an old man, hard-hit by life's fate. The thoughts one sometimes has to deal with can only be appreciated by those who have tried. Indeed, it is not easy when in your old days you have to lose a faithful, always ready grief and joy with a consort to be borne. Anyone who has not tried this has no idea what sometimes happens in one. It is sometimes hard to bear and yet one must not despair. You always have to see that you get over it. Just as July 1, 1864 was a stormy day, so was our life. We have sometimes had to fight hard, but have defied all storms by our joint action and with God's help and have remained victorious, although we were sometimes very disappointed. Because if you are young and cheerful, you make all sorts of hope, but sometimes very disappointed. But in all cases that we did not like, one should not lose heart, and then God, as he has always done with us, will do everything in mutual will and action.

Today, when I remember the years of our collective action, I am having a hard time with my heart. What a beautiful time we have spent. Of course, there was no lack of effort and work, but that can never kill us, because we were young and strong and above all healthy, and both had a never-ending workforce and were happy if only we could do it. But when we could treat ourselves to a comfortable rest, mother was snatched from my death by my eternal pain. What I have suffered since her death can not be described, because from the beginning she was a dear and good companion to me. It is still a comfort for me in my pain, namely that even in death she will not be forgotten by her children and relatives. Today her grave was still richly decorated with wreaths and flowers, and on the occasion of this day I also received some letters and communications.

Today on April 29, 1915, 3 years ago, my dear wife and our mother's mother was taken from us by a sudden death. It is difficult to describe what I went through this year, although I was so tolerable until August 1914, but always felt lonely and abandoned, even though I am with my children. But they are young and do not know what an old man is like.

But on June 28, 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were murdered by serf-bombers on a visit to Bosnia, in the capital of Serayevo, and Austria demanded from Serbia punishment of the murderers Serbia was rejected, and Russia sided with Serbia, despite the efforts of our Emperor to maintain peace, the declaration of war took place. Since we Germans had long since an alliance with Austria, Germany was obliged to join Austria in this war. Not enough that Serbia and Russia involved us in war, but after a few days France and England were added under a baseless pretext, as later found from recorded documents, because of a treaty long concluded before them, in which France to take revenge on Germany and England wanted to destroy the flourishing Germany. Now that there was a rush, mobilization was ordered at the same time as the declaration of war. This worried me, because Johannes and Heinrich are still both of military age and especially Heinrich had to leave on the second day, since he is a pioneer, so he belongs to a dangerous weapon. So I worried a lot about him, especially since we live together and, God willing, I want to end my life with him. So far the good God has been gracious and has received it to me. Although he contracted severe typhoid fever after previous dangers and hardships on October 20, he survived the illness well, so that on April 24 he was able to return to the front in France, where, as he writes, he is well , I'm not so worried about Johannes. He is a farmer, and because his master had to go away, he was reclaimed so that agriculture would not be allowed to stand still. He received a vacation of just ¼ year, and by that time the time has been extended to six weeks. With the beginning of the winter, however, came for me a difficult time. After initial well-being, I fell ill some time before Christmas, as I initially believed in a cold. Later, however, it turned out that it was influenza, but it had waited a long time before I sought help. As a result, things got so bad that I thought my lessons were gone. What I have endured over this time can not be described. My helpers like to go out and so I was alone almost every night. Being sick and being left alone is a difficult task that is not easy to carry. In such cases, one becomes properly aware of what it does when one does not have a loving person around. May God, when my hour has come, not bring me such a long sickbed.

I am also worried about Auguste and her children. Her Richard moved in and with him also many of his guests. As a result, the business is very run down and the rent and other expenses should be there. May this war come to an end soon, for it will hardly be able to stand its length. It is different with Dora, whose Hermann has moved in as well. It'll work out because their business has not suffered so much from the war. Let us hope that this murderous war will soon be over and that our loved ones will all return home safe and sound, God forbid.

The year 1915 is almost over and the terrible war is still not over. Despite the many and great victories of the allied Germans and Austrians, and more recently also the Bulgarians, our enemies are not yet thinking of peace and therefore one lives constantly in worries about his loved ones, while Heinrich and Richard have to go through all the hardships of the war. Henry is in Argonne, France, and at the end of the month of September, he had suffered severely from the French army's barrage during the great offensive. Richard is in Russia, where things are very tough. When one reads or hears such things one can not rest either day or night. You are always plagued with the thought, how are you supposed to, if you are lucky and return home healthy. So far, the good God has shown mercy to me and kept it healthy. Not enough on this yet, I was mourned on 27 October by the death of my sister-in-law Sophie. It died almost unexpectedly after only one day's illness. Although she had been attacked by dizziness a long time ago, we did not think she was going to die so quickly, but our God has better understood it and has taken her without her seeing her sons again. The two elders are in the field and Carl is interned in England and so we have them on November 1 in Ohlsdorf brought to rest.

At that time, I had no idea that I was about to lose even more because of the death of my only surviving brother. The same was still pretty good on November 1, when I was last in Hamburg; although, as it turned out later, he had already carried the disease germ in him, he still felt like joking, although his wife was already very worried about him because he did not like the food the way he usually did, and when he had eaten something, he immediately got complaints. In addition, he was very thin, so he was advised by both his wife and me, he would like to go to the doctor and get examined. After an initial struggle, we persuaded him, and when I left, he gave me the promise, next day I want to go to the doctor. He did that too. After the doctor examined him, he said it was not dangerous, it would be better to mend. When he treated him for 14 days, he disagreed and told him he would like to speak to Professor Dr. Denike, the chief physician of the general hospital apply. Once there, the professor advised him to diagnose the disease safely, to be examined with X-rays, which then happened. It then esophageal cancer was detected. He was then told to try to heal him without surgery. However, as the disease worsened very quickly, the operation was taken after only a few days, and the same was done on the 3rd of December, which was then well overridden. But he must have been too weak, because already on the 4th of December he breathed his life out, a real blow for his wife as well as for me. But we must console ourselves and think, "Whom the Lord loves, he chastens". After we said goodbye to him on Wednesday, the 9th of December, we laid him to rest on Thursday, the 10th of December under a large participation in Ohlsdorf. It was a hard day for us. Indeed, it is not easy to lose a loved one who has been so close to you in life through death. Rest softly, dear, soon we will see each other again in heaven, that is what the good Lord is giving.

It seems as if fate wants to haunt me again this winter. After losing 2 of my dear ones this fall, namely my sister-in-law Sophie and my only surviving brother Hermann, I already received Christmas message from John that his wife, my dear daughter-in-law Maria, was suffering. They had already consulted two doctors, both of whom had advised to have an early surgery, which she could not decide on. After that I wrote to her and asked her, if the doctors had advised, she would like to decide before it is too late. She just wants to turn to a good doctor, so maybe it would not be that bad. After this letter, she seems to have decided, because Johannes wrote me some time ago, that he was one of the first gynecologists, a professor. Crab apple would have been. He would have thought, with very careful and good treatment, to cure it without surgery. She would like to be examined again after about 3 weeks, then it would show what has to become. So you live this time again in anxious concern. In addition there is the concern for the two soldiers Heinrich and Richard, both of which have to approach badly and are daily exposed to the risk of shooting or maiming. You never get rid of the bad thoughts, you have to struggle with them almost day and night, not an easy thing. If only the murderous war would be over, it would be quieter. But there is still no end in sight.

April 19, 1916
Another year has passed and the fourth, where my dear wife was wrested from me by death. What a bad time I have already behind me, you are always alone and with no dear soul you can pronounce, it is sometimes hard to endure. If Heinrichs two children were not here, with which one can talk a little, I would not know how I would feel then. In winter, when the weather was rough and cold, I could not go out and then you sit and ponder and you do not know what to do. In addition, the evil war is still not over, which my loved ones, Heinrich, Hermann, Richard and, more recently, my grandson Gustav are also deeply involved in. If you let the thoughts go around, you will not easily come to rest. You always think about whether you are still well. So far, God has shown mercy to me and kept it healthy for me, but who knows how much longer. I would like to ask God to let him have quiet times soon and to let them all return home safe and sound. That one can spend the last part of his life full of fate in a little more peace, give the good Lord.

Today, July 1, 1916, it's been 52 years, when my dear wife and I, as a pair of loving and happy people, joined hands in the Lebensbund. What beautiful days were we, the two of us, spent together against now, where I walk lonely and deserted through life after the death of April 29, 1912, my dear wife. If you have not tried this, you have no idea what it is like at times and yet you do not have to despair in your grief for the loss of your loved ones, but to get up, even if it is sometimes difficult, and ask God, that he one keeps healthy until the end of life and does not give you a long sickbed, that's what the good Lord gives.

After a rainy and cold summer, full of worries about my dear soldiers, we received in the second half of September from the company commander and comrades the unpleasant news that my dear son-in-law H. Schwabe, who was in the machine-gun Companie of the regiment Nr.214 fought on the Somme, since 17 September had not returned from a serious skirmish and since the day was missing. The lieutenant wrote that there was a possibility that he had fallen into French captivity, but the hope would be very small. All my daughter Dora's efforts to find out more about her husband were initially in vain, until at last on October 17, the self-reported news came to her that he was healthy and unwounded in French captivity and that he was fine so far. Good news for all of us, but now there is the possibility that he will stay with us. Our Heinrich and Gustav, too, had to suffer this time severely, but until now, thank God, they have kept us healthy. These two are in the area of ??Douaumont-Vouse, where the French tried to break through the German front from 22 to 27 October, which despite a fierce barrage and infantry attack that lasted almost four days, failed. Of course, after fierce fighting the Germans had to relocate their front, but it did not continue. Hopefully, the Germans will get the lost terrain, if not otherwise, so by fierce fight, again. May God grant it that in these and other struggles my two loves remain healthy and well-to-do, that they will return to me in a not too distant time healthy and well for my and ours all joy.

If one now looks back at the end of the year 1916 and lets everything pass by again, then one can say: The good God has been merciful to me, of course I have suffered greatly. My soldiers, notably Heinrich and Gustav, have worried me very much, because these two were always involved in the heavy fighting at Verdun, especially Henry suffered terribly here. He went there once with 80 men in position and came back after some time with only 19 men. As a sign of his boldness and valor he was awarded for this deed with the Iron Cross II. Class, he was also promoted to corporal. Another time, 30 men were in position, had to suffer very much from barrage and when it was finished and they once looked, they were aware that the enemy was very close and only 40 - 50 meters away. In the then developing fighting, only about half of the team with a healthy skin got away. To these belonged Heinrich. After the lieutenant and the sergeant and almost all noncommissioned officers were partly killed and partly wounded, Heinrich was finally the sole corporal, and under his leadership the position was maintained and maintained until after a few hours assistance arrived. For this deed he should get the Iron Cross 1st Class. His sergeant, who was not involved at all, has claimed it. Even Gustav has always participated as a driver in a machine gun department in many fights and has also been decorated with the Iron Cross.

H. Schwabe was captured on 17 September in the fighting on the Somme in French captivity. After initial anxiety about him, he finally wrote in mid-October that he was fine. This somewhat eased my concern for him. Even Richard, who still lives in Russia, does not worry us as much as his family, because the business is almost all and to a family of four is all sorts of things and what live on when there are no revenue?

From the above, it can be seen that I have been spared no worries and worries this year. In addition, you have no loving soul around you. I have to be alone most of the time. If mother were still here with me, it would not have been so hard for me, because shared suffering is half suffering. But the good Lord has better understood it for her, she has gone through so many years of suffering, she is at peace.

The year 1917 does not bring us the long-awaited peace yet, but the heavy fighting is still going on in the usual way. Of course, it was a small relief for me that Heinrich end of January 1917 by a war economy Berlin company (Weys & Friday) was complained to be involved in the construction of a large munitions factory as a carpenter. So for the time being he was out of the danger of being mutilated or even shot. He worked for this company until the end of the year, first in Premnitz in Saxony, later in Berlin. But my grandson Gustav and towards the end of the year also my grandson John had to endure brave and especially Gustav has been through many fights. Hermann Schwabe is still languishing in captivity and Richard is still in Russia.

On the 29th of April, five years ago, my dear wife was snatched away by death, what a long and terrible time. Lonely and abandoned, my way goes through life. How different it would have been if she had been at my side during this terrible time, because to all our grief for our dear soldiers came that even since the beginning of the war all the main foods were rationed. Initially, it did not feel like it, since the small supply of old was used up and the prices were not too high, but gradually the prices went up and up until they were almost unaffordable over time. It would not have been easy for her to experience all this. Therefore, the good God has determined something better for her and done the Lord's will.

In the first half of 1917 we still had an enemy in America. Since the beginning of February, in order to cope with our enemies more easily, the unrestricted submarine warfare was declared, America felt injured in its interests and declared war on Germany. Initially, it was not noticed, because America had no large standing army, but after some time it sent so many troops over that the decision had to fall.

The year 1918 is the year of the decision of the war and immediately a heavy year for me, because after Heinrich 1917 at the war economy company Weys & amp; Friday, he got his dismissal because of lack of work at the end of the year, but was again complained by the war economy company Ph. Holzmann to be involved in the construction of a large plant (Lautawerk) in Upper Silesia again as a carpenter. He was with this company until mid-April 1918. He felt sick the last time, so that he had to claim the local doctor of the plant, and when the same could bring about no improvement, he took his release there and came on 16. April home for medical treatment. None of us knew then what we had to do with him. Our local doctor, whom we helped, could not bring any improvement, although he made every effort. Therefore, he advised Heinrich in July to consult a specialist. He did that too. At the suggestion of our doctor, he turned to a dr. Sachs in Hamburg, but also without success. Of course, he noted laryngeal and pulmonary tuberculosis, but he had no means of curing it. On the contrary, the illness increased more and more, so much that the language almost completely disappeared, he could finally talk only in a whisper. On top of that, over time he was losing weight and was constantly suffering from coughing and vomiting, so it had to be said that there was no improvement. We can only ask God, not to let him suffer for too long. To have to watch this story is a special nature that I did not have, and yet there was no way in sight, I had to watch everything. Added to this was the thought that nothing will matter, how long will he have to torment himself. So it was all year round and also until May 23, 1919, on which day in the morning in the morning, it was probably around 7 clock, passed away. Truly, it was a bad time to watch this suffering from April 16, 1918, to May 23, 1919; it did not even make you happy.

The war also did not end well for Germany. After many hot and heavy battles broke out on 9 November 1918, a Socialist revolution, whose beginning was in Kiel in the Navy. However, the same quickly planted itself and seized the army, and as a result it was over with the conduct of the war, while in the army were many people who just did not want to do more. Our emperor renounced his throne and went to Holland, where he and his wife have lived as private persons since then, and in his place a president was appointed in Germany, a certain Ebert, should be a saddler of commission, under his rule probably much wish is left.

Germany had to ask its enemies for a truce and peace under the above-mentioned facts, so that the enemies would not come in to Germany and devastate our country. After some initial bickering, our enemies finally agreed, but gave us Germans such difficult conditions, which can only be fulfilled with the utmost effort, and yet Germany had to consent, since there was no way around. Since a year has passed since the outbreak of the revolution, peace has not yet been achieved, for it requires three signatures of our enemies, and France refuses to sign under all sorts of pretexts, and even refuses to extradite our prisoners of which a large part has to work in the destroyed areas.

On April 19, 1919, it was seven years that my dear wife blessed the time, which was a long and terrible time for me, but how beautiful for her that she had not experienced the suffering of recent years, especially Henry's suffering would hardly have endured her she has rest in peace.

Here ends the report of the Halbhufner Johann Scharnberg about how it happened to him and his family back then. He died on 08.03.1927 at the age of 86 years. He handed over his 43 ha farm on 29.03.1895 to his son Friedrich Scharnberg. He managed the business from 29.03.1895 to 30.09.1929.

Thereafter, his son Gustav Scharnberg took over the farm and led him from 30.09.1929 to 12.07.1958. After that, my brother, Richard Scharnberg, took over the 37.73 ha operation from my father. On 01.08.1989 he handed over the farm with now 42.5 ha to his son Reinhard Scharnberg. Reinhard has now expanded the business by marrying and acquiring 90 hectares of land, plus 50 hectares of leased land, so that he now manages a total of 140 hectares.

The farm is located in the center of Trittau, opposite the church, where the ancestors lived for centuries.

Trittau, April 12, 2003