The photographer of the following pictures was Wolfgang Hoffmann. In the 1950s, Wolfgang Hoffmann took over the "sun drugstore", which his father had initially housed in a makeshift home on the market after his escape from East Prussia, expanded it and ran it for decades. Today (2021) Wolfgang Hoffmann passed away, but I would like to document his photographic talent and skills with his wonderful photos, also because I played bowling with Wolfgang for decades in the bowling club "Gut Holz". I took the photos from his illustrated book "Trittau Ende der 1950er Jahre", which was published by Oliver Mesch, then official archivist - today mayor of Trittau. (For those interested: ISBN 978-3-00-029403-7)

Department store Schippmann
today Mode Centrum

Post office Trittau
renovated 1959

Drugstore Theo Benz
Still looks like it today.

At that time the lower school
New comercial building

Inn Lauenburger Hof
Today Restaurant Santa Rio

car dealer Riegel
Today much larger

Kubbernuss (left) and Hartz
von Hartz today HH Straße

The castle jug from 1695
under monument protection
(At the mill pond)

Watermill Trittau
today cultural center
(At the mill pond)

District court Trittau
today residential building
(Möllner Strasse)

Inn Holsten Eck
House for Migrants
(Hamburger Strasse)

Beer publisher Henning
today restaurant Zum Rappen
(Hamburger Strasse)

Trittau employment office
today police station
(Rausdorfer Strasse)

Wilke vehicle construction
today in the industrial area
(Rausdorfer Strasse)

Cobbler Steinbuck
opposite Campestrasse
(Rausdorfer Strasse)

Cinema Capitol
today new residential buildings
(Rausdorfer Strasse)

Volunteer fire brigade
today large + modern
(Rausdorfer Strasse)

Campe school
today library + VHS
(Rausdorfer Strasse)

Bestmann's Schützenhof
today Rathauspassage

still looks like this today

Bakery Steinbuck
today TUI travel agency

Company Mesch
today gift shop

still looks like this

Upper school
today parking lot

Holländers Inn
today store Holländer

Sun drugstore
no longer exists

Russmeyer company (VW)
today petrol station + Krüger company
(Großenseer Strasse)

Scharnberg shop
today Bobsien fashion house

Siemers company
today pet shop

District + country train station
today train station = restaurant
The photos were taken when Wolfgang was in his mid-twenties. Helmut Landt, then a teacher in Trittau, wrote a chronicle about Trittau that has not yet been published, to which Wolfgang should contribute the photos. When the photos were taken, Trittau had around 4,300 residents. 50 years later, Wolfgang made the pictures available to the archive of the municipality and the Trittau office, which Oliver Mesch was head of as the official archivist. The illustrated book "Trittau Ende der 1950er Jahre" was created on his initiative.