On June 16, 2011, the Interest group Cultural Monument Castle Linau was founded in the community center of Linau. This was preceded by discussions with the community representative Linau, who expressly supported this project, and with the owner of the site, who also made clear his willingness to cooperate. One of the main tasks of the interest group will be to find sponsors who would like to financially support the goals of the community of interest. If it is possible to raise about 50% of the necessary funds for the reconstruction of the foundation of the tower hill, it is to be expected that the remaining 50% will be made available from EU funds.

The following were elected to the board of the interest group:

  • Chairman: Jürgen Griese, e.mail
  • Deputy Chairman: Johannes Weisleder
  • Treasurer: Anja Maas
  • Secretary: Barbara Jansen
  • Assessor: Bruno Scharnberg

The Minister of the Interior of Schleswig-Holstein, Klaus Schlie, has assumed the patronage.

Further information as well as statutes and membership declaration can be found on the Homepage of the Interest group.

In addition, Mr. Joachim Kühl from the Kiel archaeological office gave the following information:

Castle No. 7 of the archaeological site of Linau is a registered archaeological monument. In recent years, I have also edited the castles of the High and Late Middle Ages (the so-called German castles) for Schleswig-Holstein, listed and partly been classified.

According to this list there are from this time (about 1150 - 1500) in Schleswig-Holstein well 350 castles (remains of different design), of which only a part is under monument protection. These 350 castles are, if still locatable in the area, in different state of preservation. These include those that are not preserved in the field, but are mentioned in documents. Among the various castles dominated by the type Château á motte (known as tower hill castle).

This includes Linau.

The outstanding thing about Linau is on the one hand the tripartism (three moths surrounded by former moats), on the other hand the generally very good state of preservation. In addition to the tripartism, there are single and double moths. (Single moth = Linau Oberteich). A peculiarity is the remaining "rock foundation" on the main castle in its thickness. Something like this is unique for Schleswig-Holstein.

Due to the fact that relatively few castles of this type have been dug in recent decades, little or nothing can be said about the above-ground development of such castles. In many cases, a building of whatever kind will have consisted of a wooden construction. Also, a wood / brick construction is conceivable. All the more significant is the fact that in Linau there are apparently significant amounts of tower foundations that can be estimated to have a height / depth of 2-3 m. The outer diameter may therefore have been up to 10 m.

To emphasize this tower foundation in the dimensions clearly, to close the northern outbreak gap and to supplement the upper foundation conclusion by approximately two stone layers and to consolidate so that by weather influences no erosions can take place, should be the concern.

So an outstanding archaeological monument could be saved from decay.

If you are interested in participating or financially supporting the goals of the association, please contact by e.mail the chairman.